Sep 122018

Looking at the tuners contained in my guitar kit, it’s easy to see how it could be so cheap. They are totally wobbly and, with a (hand-determined) 14:1 ratio rather crude. Tuning is presumably not very easy with these … a replacement is needed. But what should I use? Continue reading »

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Sep 122018

One design point still needs to be adressed before I finally start working on my guitar kit: in which color should it shine?

Based on the images on the web site, I thought that the only way would be to simply paint it. But since the wood looks far nicer than expected, I think that it should look quite good if I stained it in blue with a black border – “an hour before Sunburst”, so to say. That should be within my means. Here’s a quickly created image, showing how I’d imagine the result to look like:

Eingefärbt. Leider nur auf dem Rechner.

If I can transport this into reality, the guitar should become quite beautiful. The scratchplate might have to be replaced, however. We’ll see…

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Sep 122018

As I already wrote in the last article, there are guitar kits available aplenty. The Internet offers lots of possibilities; online sellers like Amazon, online auction sites like Ebay … most have guitar kits. In most cases, a search for “guitar kit” is sufficient to get … well, dozens of variants of the same Stratocaster or Les Paul copies in various quality and shape options. Continue reading »

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Jun 222016

Today I received an absolutely fantastic eMail (sender’s name and location withheld), in which I’m openly accused of intentionally having added “a bug” in VSTHost which ensures that VSTHost erases all data after some time if no donation is made.


Apart from the fact that this insinuates criminal intent on my side, it’s total nonsense. There is no such code in VSTHost, nor will there ever be. In this case, it seems that VSTHost, for a yet unknown reason, lost its initialisation file (Data\vsthost.ini in an unmodified environment) – in which also the information that the “Donation” dialog has already been displayed is kept. That’s why it’s been displayed a second time. So, just because I’m voluntarily restraining myself here – I could just as easily display the Donation dialog upon each start of VSTHost – this guy here tries to construct a downright criminal action as “the only conclusion”.

Well, I offered that I’d look into his data to find out what happened (if possible) and whether / how much of his setup can be restored. Let’s see what happens.

Update, 5 days later: Additional problem: GMail has decided to treat my eMails as spam, so it took a while, but I got an apology. Now we only have to find out why the data vanished and where they have gone.

Lessons to be learned

For me: there are some very special people on this world.

For all others: people, data loss can happen. Don’t take it lightly; regular backups of your critical data are important!

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Dec 222011

“Modernize!”, zeitgeist yells.

“F+++ing work”, Hermann thinks.

Let’s see whether WordPress makes it sufficiently easy to pull my web into the current century. Right now, I’m still feeling lots of resistance 😎

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