Sep 212018

I’ve already had the plan for the 12-string guitar’s headstock for some time:

Headstock Design Franco

… now I’m finally doing it!

I’ve already cleared some minor problems with this plan – on the lower right end, not enough wood remained for the tuner on the backside. A printout was great help here. Well, some printouts – design in Inkscape, print, cut, overlay, try, curse, back to design work, shave off half a millimeter here, add it there … and finally transfer the design onto the headstock:

Headstock marked

… which, much to my dismay, isn’t enough. 🙂

So: clamp the neck, look at it nervously for 5 minutes – this is a point of no return! – and then cut off the lower right corner with a pad saw. This is the first time I’m doing anything with maple – my experience until now has been limited to spruce and pine tree boards for shelf systems 🙂 … works astonishingly well. “Astonishing” to me, that is; an expert might laugh out loud now.

Then work out the outline with a Dremel (I haven’t got better tools for that in my flat) – much dust, nearly no problems.

Headstock rough

The rest is manual work with a sanding block and sanding paper. Two sweat dripping hours later:

Headstock sanded

Doesn’t look perfect yet, but it’s already quite nice, I think. The line on the bottom right isn’t completely correct yet. Looks quite good already in total:

Total with sculpted headstock

The question is: can the imperfection stay? After all, this is a guitar tinkering project, my first one at that, so it’s allowed to look like that, right?


Hmmm …
I’ll sleep over that.

The next day …

If a perfectionist sleeps over a problem like that, he can only arrive at one answer 😉

So it’s another half hour with the sanding block. The result:

Headstock ready ... presumably

… and I’ll leave it at that. I’m content with it, and presumably it needs a carpenter to notice the small imperfections. Compared to the original paddle – yep, the design’s elegance has made the step into reality! 🙂

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