Sep 122018

The headstock on my 12 string E-guitar kit really doesn’t look great:


That needs to be changed. But how?

Well … easy. Rasps, files and sandpaper.
Not so easy: find a better design that matches the overall Stratocaster-y design of the guitar.

First Idea: Plagiate!

Fender built a 12 string Stratocaster, too:

Fender 12-string Stratocaster

(Image: Fender)

… so why not do it like that?

Simple: the kit’s head came with pre-drilled holes in a geometry that doesn’t match the Fender layout. I would have to add wood to get something remotely similar.

Well, back to head scratching.

As a first step, I copied the head layout and printed it out to paint on it. My best result looked like this:

Headstock Design 1

… not too bad. Well, at least much better than the original head.

Scratching somebody else’s head

But I wasn’t really happy with it, so I asked a friend of mine, Franco Turesso, an Italian designer – of Seelake, for whom I develop VST software – whether he could help me with it. He had some fun with it and developed a better variant:

Headstock Design Franco

much better. Modern, more elegant and still strat-compatible and fitting the overall design, as a test with a paper template shows quite well:

Applied headstock template

I think I’ll go with this 🙂

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