Sep 122018

Looking at the tuners contained in my guitar kit, it’s easy to see how it could be so cheap. They are totally wobbly and, with a (hand-determined) 14:1 ratio rather crude. Tuning is presumably not very easy with these … a replacement is needed. But what should I use? Continue reading »

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Sep 122018

One design point still needs to be adressed before I finally start working on my guitar kit: in which color should it shine?

Based on the images on the web site, I thought that the only way would be to simply paint it. But since the wood looks far nicer than expected, I think that it should look quite good if I stained it in blue with a black border – “an hour before Sunburst”, so to say. That should be within my means. Here’s a quickly created image, showing how I’d imagine the result to look like:

Eingefärbt. Leider nur auf dem Rechner.

If I can transport this into reality, the guitar should become quite beautiful. The scratchplate might have to be replaced, however. We’ll see…

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Sep 122018

As I already wrote in the last article, there are guitar kits available aplenty. The Internet offers lots of possibilities; online sellers like Amazon, online auction sites like Ebay … most have guitar kits. In most cases, a search for “guitar kit” is sufficient to get … well, dozens of variants of the same Stratocaster or Les Paul copies in various quality and shape options. Continue reading »

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