Sep 122018

I’ve always wanted to do this. Well … the last forty years, at least 🙂
Now the time has come to go through with this.

Nowadays, you can buy guitar kits in many forms and shapes; you can…

  • order complete guitars based on your ideas from custom guitar builders
  • order completed bodies and necks in just about any possible finish that you only have to put together and add the hardware
  • buy a basic kit that only contains the naked, formed wood and a neck that’s already been fitted with a completed fretboard, either with or without the hardware
  • buy some pre-cut pieces of wood and do the rest yourself

The first two options are rather expensive. This only makes sense if you want a real top instrument based on your ideas and are a good guitar player.

I am not a good guitar player 😀

The fourth option is the most laborious and error-prone, but also the most instructive. But it needs quite a lot of tools and knowledge that I dont have yet … so I went for the third option. The kit shall come!

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